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10 Tips for Better Landscape Photography

12 Apr 2019 -- Posted by : Pamela

I love landscape photography and I know alot of you out there do too, so I've put together a few tips on creating better landscapes.

My favourite style of landscapes at the moment are long exposures.  Luckily I get alot of opportunities to create lovely low light landscapes in Broome.

1. Use a tripod and make sure your not touching it while the shutter is open.
2. To reduce camera shake use a shutter delay method, this can be a shutter release, 2 second timer or wifi on your device.
3. Check your AF point choices and make sure it's set to single point not multi
4. Use a small aperture eg f16 for increased depth of focus
5. Shoot in the first 30 mins after sunrise and the last 30 before sunset.
6. Try shooting Blue Hour - the half hour before and after sunset to get those deep blues in your images.
7. Keep the image as simple as possible. Eliminate distractions
8. Think about your composition; the rule of thirds and leading lines.
9. Check your histogram for correct image exposure
10. Take off Auto ISO and set manually to 100


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