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Christmas Island 2017 - a wildlife photographers paradise

16 May 2017 -- Posted by : Pamela

What a fantastic time we had on our inaugural Christmas Island Photography workshop in May. I'm pleased to announce that we will be returning in May 2018 for another week of awesome bird, wildlife and landscape photography.

One of my personal favorites was the unexpected find of bioluminescent fungi in the rainforest on Christmas Island. These beautiful fungi are white in daylight and only about 5 cm high and at night they glow with a wonderful green colour, quite an experience in the rainforest at night.

We captured some beautiful long exposures along the limestone cliff coastline.

Oh and our half day out on the water with Hama. We all felt quite adventurous out there as the rain fell and storm clouds came and went and we braved the elements to photograph the birds along the cliffs (its such a different perspective from the ocean looking back to the rainforest clad cliffs) jumping in the water to snorkel with the Spinner Dolphins (you have to be quick to get a shot!) and snorkelling amongst the corals in the shallows. We all came back very exhilarated.

Below is an image of one of the many Frigate Birds that we captured coming down to the freshwater ponds on the island to get a very quick drink. We had such fun watching the flock line up for their turn and then swoop down time and time again.

Check out our itinerary for 2018

This is a little exerpt of what one of our participants, Kevin had to say.

It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn from other like-minded photographers and this trip was no exception. Gear tips, techniques, processing, business ideas etc; not to mention the 'social' information that was shared amongst the group.

From a bird photographers perspective, I was very happy to be able to photograph most of the island's endemics.

The CI landscapes are unique and I was glad to be able to re-visit pretty much all of the locations I had previously seen 20 years ago - this time with good camera gear! I liked the location choices made for sunrise/set shoots - the Blowholes at sunset was inspiring.

I was very pleased to have participated in this inaugural CI workshop and hope you have continued success with running it in the future.


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