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How to photography Staircase to the Moon | Broome

23 Jul 2021 -- Posted by : Pamela

As a Broome professional photographer I regularly get asked for my top tips for getting a great Staircase to the Moon image.  It's not as easy as you might think to get a really great shot, so here are some suggestions that might help you, next time your in Broome.

1.  For the best outcome you need a zoom lens with a range of at least 150mm or more otherwise the moon is a small white speck in the dark sky.  I usually use around 300mm.

 2.  You need to attach your camera/lens to a tripod to stop movement and blur, particularly when you are using long shutter speeds with a long focal length lens.

3.  Set a 2 second delay on the shutter to reduce the chance of blur from camera movement.

4.  Camera settings- put your setting onto Shutter Priority around 1/2 sec to 1 second and let the camera choose your aperture. 

5.  Manually set your ISO to around 400.

6. When you have your setting on Shutter Priority you can set the exposure compensation to under expose the shots, try one stop under (-1) so the moon isn’t a big white over exposed blob with no detail.

7. Reguarly check the image you have taken for over exposure and make the needed adjustments to your settings.  For example use your exposure compensation to further under expose the moon (-2)

8.  If you are using a mobile phone you will also need to have this on a tripod or solid base and find the camera settings to delay the opening of the shutter this stops camera shake and reduces blur. Put your phone on night mode and good luck.

9. Go on the first night, when the moon is at it's fullest.

10.  Shoot in RAW and then you can do some software edits to bring out the best in your image.

20171006_Staircase Broome_2587.jpg


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