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Top Wildflower Photography Locations

9 Sep 2019 -- Posted by : Pamela

I might be a bit biased but I think that Western Australia tops the ranking for the best wildflower photography locations in Australia.

It's spring in southern Western Australia and I've just completed my wildflower photography tour departing out of Perth. 

The wildflowers were in full flight and so were we.  20190902_wa_9173.jpg

We travelled north of Perth along the Wildflower Way towards Moora.  What a great first photography location.  The visitor centre is very helpful and will give you help with blooming locations at the time of your visit.  Not last month or last week, but this week.  They have a great reserve in town that the locals have worked very hard to regenerate.  This is a must do stop for any wildflower photographer.

Here you will see Spider Orchids, Donkey Orchids, Everlastings and an array of other interesting species.  Here I went for a shallow depth of field, taking my 100mm macro lens and using F2.8 to blur out the background.

Spider Orchid_WA

We found overselves constantly stopping along the road to Three Springs, finding all sorts of goodies on the road reserves and nature reserves along the way.


I love to experiment with Intentional Camera Movement.  I think it give the flowers a painterly feel about them.  

20190831_wa_2953.jpg           Wildflowers_WA

Keeping to the list of top wildflower locations, you would have to put Coalseam National Park right up there.  North of Three Springs and east of Geraldton, here you have beautiful paddocks of Everlastings in yellow and white.    

20180909_Coalseam_072-2.jpg       20190831_wa_7377.jpg

This photography holiday was so much more than just exploring and photographing the beautiful WA wildflowers.  Where there are flowers there are birds.  The keen bird photographers amongst us got a great selection of birds including the Splendid Fairy-Wren and Black Cockatoos. 

While you are on your wildflower photography tour you shouldn't miss the Wreath Flower.  There are several locations on the Geraldton Sandplains where you can see them and it is worth the effort to track down the flowering location.  One place is Mullewa and the other is Perenjori.  We found this heart shaped Wreath Flower, which was very special.

20180910_flower_084.jpg          20190831_wa_7673.jpg

Kalbarri north of Geraldton is well know for it's stunning coastal scenery, rocky gorges and beautiful spring wildflowers.  We had a wonderfull couple of days exploring the area plus I took the ladies for an aerial shoot over the pink lake of Hutt Lagoon.  The landscape images from that light aircraft flight were amazing.

20190902_wa_8914.jpgThe top wildflower locations continued back down the coast towards Perth with a visit to Lesueur National Park near Jurien Bay.  It has over 820 species of plants, and most of them in flower during spring.

I'm a keen astro photographer so it was a must to get the milkyway rising over the Pinnacles at Numbung National Park near Cervantes.  Just south of the Pinnacles are several dunes systems with snow white sand, needless to say a creative dune shoot was on the agenda before arriving back into Perth.

If you would like to join me on 25 August 2020 please click on this link

20190905_wa_0443 flat sharp triptych.jpg


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Top Wildflower Photography Locations

WA Wildflowers that turned out to be a whole lot more!

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