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Top 10 Tips for Aerial Photography

16 Feb 2020 -- Posted by : Pamela

Here are my top ten tips for preparing for an aerial photography shoot. 

Often people aren't prepared when they come across the opportunity to get into the air while on a photography tour.  So here are some handy tips to make sure your next aerial photography shoot alot less stressful.

  1.  Make sure you know your flight plan and where the light will be coming from.  You don't want to be sitting on the side facing into the sun for the whole flight.
  2. A fast shutter speed is the most important setting.  Somewhere between 1/2000 and 1/4000 is ideal.  this will reduce the risk of blur from a moving platform such as the helicopter or light aircraft.
  3. Use an auto ISO so your not constantly worrying if you have enough light for the fast shutter speed.
  4. Use a minus exposure compensation for the ISO if your camera has it.
  5. Have the door off or a window open to shoot through, to reduce glare and reflection off windows.
  6. Don't rest the camera against any part of the aircraft, hold it firmly in your hands to reduce shake.
  7. In a helicopter have the camera tethered to you.  If you lean out to far the force of the wind could pull the camera out of your hand.  
  8. Set your focus on infinity, and keep it there.  You will be far enough away from your subject to use infinty all the time.  
  9. Be creative, look for patterns and shapes and don't be afraid to shoot straight down.
  10. Communicate with your pilot.  There is a good chance that the pilot has taken out photographers before and might know of some good locations that aren't on the usual scenic route.       


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