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Long Exposure Workshop - Broome 2 hrs

Come and join us for a session of creative photography and learn to master the art of slow shutter speed photography.  We will use Gantheaume Point and its wonderful rock formations as back drop for the evenings shoot.  We will shoot sunset and then stay on for the vibrant colours following sunset known as the blue hour. 

This is a 2 hour workshop that will give you the skills and know how to shoot long exposures daytime and dusk by mastering long exposure photography.  You will learn how to shoot long exposure landscapes and how to bring your images to vivid life using slow shutter speeds.

You will learn about:

  • Camera settings and tips for photographing long exposure landscapes
  • The relationship between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Use of filters to control light
  • Composition tips for shooting long exposure scenes.

Email Pamela to make a booking

To get the best results from this workshop, you will need:

  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera (with manual exposure and bulb exposure controls)
  • Your widest angle lens or zoom (eg. 24mm – 70mm, 16mm to 35mm)
  • A remote shutter release if you have one (not essential)
  • A stable tripod (if you don’t have one, I can hire you one for the night)
  • Head torch will be handy or torch if you have one or both!
  • Camera manual if your not familiar with your camera settings.
  • ND filters if you have them.
  • Note: Participants will need to have basic familiarity with their gear and be able to set your Aperature, Shutter Speed and ISO manually.

Duration:  5.30 – 7.30 pm          Cost: $115    

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