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Sunset  & Landscape Tour

2.30 pm  Pick up from your accommodation. 

We start with the must do for any photography adventure to Broome, the inspiring Gantheaume Point, the southern-most point of Cable Beach.  It has wonderful views as well as colourful rock formations.  It is also a fantastic Humpback Whale lookout during the seasonal migration.

We photograph the red cliffs of Reddell Beach that glow in the afternoon light. Lots of creative options here as we wander the beach in search of landscapes, seascapes, patterns and birds.

As the sun sinks lower in the sky we head to our ‘Camels at Sunset’ location on Cable Beach to capture our own iconic shot of this favourite. 

We will finish off with some low light/blue hour photography. 

 6.30pm  Drop back to your accommodation

Cost - $199 pp

Suggestions on what you might like to bring: -

                    DSLR camera or mirrorless camera

                    Camera manual (might be handy to get to those rarely used settings)

                    Any lenses ranging from 20mm to 300mm – (don’t worry if you don’t have all the lenses- you will still learn a lot with your digital SLR and kit lens)

                    Polarising filter

                    Neutral density filters (optional)

                    Spare camera batteries - fully charged

                    Sturdy Tripod & remote release



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