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Join Pamela Jennings and Mark Rayner on board the Discovery One

for a photography tour along the Kimberley Coast

20 September 2021

Wyndham to Broome

Get excited folks, it's finally here.

Mark and I have been running our 12 Day Kimberley Photo Adventure many years and now it's time to capture the spectacular coastal environment. 

We have chosen this vessel for its guest comfort and safety, value for money, years of experience on the Kimberley coast and its flexibility to accommodate passionate photographers.

This trip is exclusive to our group with a maximum of 20 guests.  I have known the skipper for many years and we will take you to some amazing photography locations that you can ONLY access by sea.  This region has no road access.

They have comfortable tenders to take us exploring several times a day and Mark and I will be on hand to offer photography advice and tutoring.

We will help you take your photography to the next level, learn techniques that you didn't even know existed and produce gorgeous images you'll want to hang. 

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Stunning locations we may visit are:

King George River:

Towering sandstone cliffs line the 12 kilometres of the King George River as we cruise towards the Falls. The 80m high sides of the gorge display varying degrees of weathering of the ancient Warton sandstone, producing stunning reflections, interesting rock formations and protection for birdlife and wildlife.   Short-Eared Rock Wallabies live in colonies around the cliffs, and they can often be spotted peeking from the cliffs as we cruise up the river.

The journey culminates at the King George twin falls; the highest single-drop falls in the whole of the Kimberley (80m).  Though only a droplet waterfall at this time of year, you can image the thunder of the falls during the wet season.

Vansittart  Bay:

As we cruise towards Vansittart Bay the area is dotted with inlets and coves typical of the rugged coastline on this part of the Kimberley Coast. 

The many islands in this area boast beautiful beaches where we can go beach-combing and discovering our own vision and images with the help of Pamela and Mark.    

One of the islands is Jar Island, home to some of the most wonderful galleries of Gwion rock art in the Kimberley.  And  for the history buffs there is an interesting walk over a sand dune and saltpan into semi-arid woodland where you will discover the historical site of a WW2 DC3 aircraft wreck and a variety of birdlife including Red Wing Parrots.

York Sound & the Hunter River:

Prince Frederick Harbour lies within York Sound and it is here that we find the Hunter River. This area boasts sensational scenery, with cathedral-like gorges and eroded sandstone features such as Indian Head at the entrance to the Hunter River.

Not only is this area awesome for landscape photography, it is sensational for bird photography as we cruise through some of the most pristine mangrove forests in the world, supporting a rich and diverse fauna including the beautiful Brahminy Kite.  In Porosus Creek we have our best opportunity to photograph the world’s largest living reptile species, the Estuarine Crocodile (also known as the saltwater crocodile).  This magnificent creature is a vital part of the northern eco-system.

Saint George Basin & the Prince Regent River:

Within the St George Basin are two flat topped hills, Mt Trafalgar and Mt Waterloo, which provide a spectacular backdrop as you cruise to the mouth of the Prince Regent River.  Once in the river we journey up this remote and pristine waterway enjoying the fabulous scenery and keeping a look out for the playful Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and shy Australian Snubfin Dolphin, Australia's only endemic dolphin. Our journey upriver concludes at the majestic King Cascade Falls where water cascades over fern covered tiers.

 Hanover Bay & Camden Sound:

Within Hanover Bay are the pristine sands of Hanover Beach. This is a great spot for beach-combing or sunset shots over the bay.  We may make our way to a lookout or rock platform or shoot from the beach to capture another sunset shot over the Indian Ocean. The area is rich in both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous history.

Camden Sound is recognised as the northern most breeding and calving area for Humpback Whales on the Kimberley Coast.  Found in the Kimberley from June to September, the whales nurse their young in the protected waters of Camden Sound.  As we cruise southwards they can often be found playing together, so keep your eye out for whale action.

Montgomery Reef:

One of the true highlights of any Kimberley Cruise is the magnificent Montgomery Reef.  This 400 sq km reef appears to emerge from the ocean at low tide, creating a visual spectacle of waterfalls and marine life.  We cruise along the channel that takes us deep into the reef system. With the help of the tenders we can get in close for some amazing shots of the water running off the reef and view turtles coming to the surface right next to the tender.  

 Talbot Bay & the Horizontal Falls:

Talbot Bay is home to the famous Horizontal Falls. The region's massive tides create a spectacular scene, sending huge volumes of water pouring through two narrow chasms in the land formation when the tides reach peak flow creating a mass of whirlpools and raging currents.

In nearby Cyclone Creek, again in the tenders,  we cruise past the high cliffs lining the saltwater creek looking  for Rock Wallabies, Striated Herons, Ospreys and crocodiles. We may also see the harmless, but impressive, Tawny Nurse Sharks which often come to greet Discovery One.  


Pricing:  Twin Share - 2 single beds $9,490pp

Double cabin - solo occupant - $14,235

Double cabin - passenger 1 $9,490 / partner $7,490

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