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Astro Photography Tour- 6 Days

Broome | Western Australia

22 June 2020

Love Astro and Landscape Photography? Then you will love our 6 Day tour in Broome, Western Australia.

We have a mix of different locations and timings for the galactic core in locations around Broome and Derby with some of the clearest skies on the planet.

There is a focus on learning and developing your Landscape, long exposure and Astro photography skills with mentoring and post processing tuition.

We will spend 6 days around Broome and Derby with a focus on visiting beautiful locations at the right time and developing your photography skills.  We will mix it up with different locations and timing of the milkyway galactic core and include landscapes, seascapes, timelaspe and pano's. 

Then during daylight hours there will be time for post processing and tutorials and excursions to secret spots around Broome to capture the impressive 9 metre tidal range during your stay. Plus a sunset camel shoot at low tide on Cable Beach.  Think wonderful reflections in the wet sand and golden silhouettes against the setting sun.

No Astro tour in the Kimberley is complete with out a sunset and astro shoot with a Boab tree so we will head north of Broome to Derby, the home of the Boab Tree.  One night to explore the Boab trees and tidal flats around Derby with a chance for birds, wildlife and Boab Astro landscapes.

This will be a fun trip with like minded people that will give you the skills and know how to shoot stars and the milkyway. 

There will be time for post production tips and image critique.

Cost:  $3,200 per person based on Double Occupany

Learn about:
  • Astro Photography skills
    Landscape & Blue Hour                                                            
  • Sunrise/sunsets
  • Long exposure techniques
  • Exposure and metering                         
    ND Filters
  • Composition
  • Post production tips
  • Image critique

2 Day Cape Leveque Astro

This is an add-on too the above Broome Astro Tour | 6 Day

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Left wanting more after the Broome 6 Day Astro Tour?  Well add on this 2 Day workshop/tour to Cape Leveque.

Photograph the wonderful red Pindan cliffs at Cape Leveque during the day and at night.

To find out more about what's included for Cape Leveque so to the download link and both itineraries are there.  

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