Staircase to the Moon and super tides of Broome.
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Broome & Cape Leveque

Full Moon and Big Tides Photography

5 Day Tour

Broome | Western Australia

Love Staircase to the Moon and Landscape Photography? Then you will love this  5 Day tour in Broome, Western Australia.

We have a mix of different locations around Broome and Cape Leveque to capture landscapes and the Full Moon rising.

There is a focus on developing your landscape and long exposure skills while having a great adventure plus post processing tuition.

This tour is not called the Full Moon and Big Tides for nothing.

During your 5 days the tides range over 9 metres from high to low and we have several days of full moon while we visit various locations around Broome and Cape Leveque. 

We will mix it up with sunrise, sunset, full moon shoots and include landscapes, seascapes, long exposures and pano's. 

During your tour we have the special photo opportunity of the full moon rising with the beautiful colours of sunset. Then the following nights we capture the Staircase to the Moon and try some creative full moon shots.

The impressive 9 metre plus tidal range will allow you to capture a range of different images at locations like at Cable Beach, Roebuck Bay and Broome's northern beaches.  Think wonderful reflections in the wet sand and golden silhouettes against the setting sun.

We spend two days at Cape Leveque and it's gorgeous red cliffs, white sand and azure waters. 

This will be a fun trip with like minded people that will inspire and delight you.  Get ready for your adventure. 

Cost:  $2,800 per person

Learn about:
  • Landscape & Blue Hour                                                            
  • Long exposure techniques
  • Exposure and metering                         
    ND Filters
  • Composition
  • Post production tips
  • Image critique

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