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Christmas Island 8 Day Photography Tour

21 - 28 May 2024  -   Only 1 Seat Available

20- 27 May 2025 - Bookings Open now.

Landscapes, seascapes, macro and bird photography.   We cover everything on this wonderful island photography experience.  Our photography tour will be a complete joy from start to finish, and we even have a full moon!  Please join us.

Imagine a rainforest covered limestone island in the middle of the Indian Ocean hundreds of kilometres from anywhere, well, this is Christmas Island!

Sir David Attenborough has described Christmas Island as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. It is full of natural wonders and vivid colour is everywhere, from the land crabs’ rich reds to the rainforest’s emerald greens and the deep blue of the ocean.

We will travel the length and breadth of the island in our 4WD along inland limestone terraces, through the Jurassic-style rainforest filled with wildlife that is inquisitive and approachable. We will photograph isolated coves, birding sites, panoramic ocean cliff landscapes and rainforest tracks and lookouts.

Not only is there wonderful landscape photography opportunities, this workshop is also timed to coincide with newly-hatched seabirds that are very approachable and photogenic! We hope to capture images of the rarest booby and frigate birds in the world, the Abbott’s Booby and the Christmas Island Frigatebird. And not to forget the island’s stunning Golden Bosun (White-tailed tropicbird).

In the rainforest we will encounter at least two species of land crabs, red and blue, and the huge coconut-crushing Robber crabs.

My Christmas Island workshops have provide plenty of personalised attention and photographic tuition. We ensure your comfort with a guaranteed window seat and unlimited access to photography guidance.

If you are looking to improve your photography in a new and exciting destination, then this is for you.

Cost - $6,350pp twin share         Single supplement $750

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Landscape
  • Wildlife and bird techniques
  • Filters
  • Sunrise/sunsets
  • Long exposure
  • Exposure and metering techniques
  • HDR techniques
  • Composition
  • Review and critique of participant’s images and suggestions for improvement

TripAdvisor 23 June 2021

Christmas Island is a great place, lush with rain forest, teeming with wildlife, rugged coastlines and very laid back. Our tour was expertly led by Pamela Jennings, an award winning Broome based photographer.

Pam excels in her craft and is able to offer expert advice and tuition to ensure that you as a tour member, get the best results in your photos. We were a tour group of six with Pam as our leader and Tracy as an assistant driver and we were based at The Sunset Hotel at the main settlement of the island. This was our base from where we went on our day trips to do our photography whether it was sunsets or sunrises, seascapes, milky way shots or photographing the luminescent mushrooms.

Our main focus was the bird life such as frigate birds, booby's, golden bosun's, common noddy's, tropicbird etc.. For these we traveled through the rain forests, checked the coast line and Territory Park which overlooks Flying Fish Cove and visited the closed and decaying Christmas Island Casino to get good coastal shots of the birds as well as some good seascapes. The island is famous for its red crabs and while we saw plenty of these, unfortunately we were too early for the November migration. They are all over the island, especially in the forested areas.

Dining is limited to a small number of places: The Golden Bosun Tavern, 2 Chinese restaurants and an excellent breakfast place, Smash Café. The food was good in all the venues. It is an interesting place because on one hand it is a phosphate mining location, with the very obvious ship loader in Flying Fish cove and on the other hand it is 63% or 85km² National Park filled with rain forests, lush vegetation and abundant wildlife, not counting the feral chickens that roam the island in packs!! I really enjoyed the tour, even the parts where Pamela had to change the itinerary because of road or track closures; just part of the uniqueness of the island!

I had a week there which was ample time to savour what the island has to offer.

Would I recommend you go to Christmas Island...yes!

Would I recommend you go on a tour led by Pamela Jennings...absolutely!

Chris H, Perth WA

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