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Natures gift to Christmas Island - The Golden Bosun

13 Jan 2021 -- Posted by : Pamela

20170509_christmas island__35A2780-2.jpg

Nature has given a beautiful gift to Christmas Island, it is home to a unique subspecies of White-tailed Tropicbird whose gold-tinged feathers have earned it its local name – the golden bosun.

Golden bosuns forage at sea, diving into the water to feed on fish and squid.  They breed all year round on Christmas Island, laying their eggs in rock crevices and the hollows of rainforest trees.  During our 8 days photographing on the island in May we make sure we have ample opportunity to capture some great shots of this beautiful bird.

Once described by Sir David Attenborough as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, it's full of natural wonders and vivid colour.  From the rich red carapaces of the land crabs to the rainforest’s emerald greens there is no shortage of subject matter for photographers.

Christmas Island

We travel the length and breadth of the island in our 4WD through the Jurassic-style rainforest filled with wildlife that is inquisitive and approachable. We explore isolated coves, birding sites, panoramic ocean cliff landscapes and rainforest tracks and lookouts.

Bird photographers will be kept happy capturing images of three species of Booby's and soaring Frigate birds and two species of Tropicbird especially the endemic Golden Bosun (White-tailed tropicbird).  Just to name a few.

20170508_christmas island__MG_2817.jpg

Nature photographers will love our rainforest encounters with red and blue land crabs and the huge coconut-crushing Robber crabs.

Landscape buffs are going to love the opportunities for long exposures over looking the Indian Ocean morning and evening. 

Christmas Island sunset

Click here for the itinerary


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